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 Fondazione Riduci

 Goals Riduci

The “Fondazione Manlio Resta - Onlus”, as written at the article n° 3 of its Statute of Articles, has the objective to promote and disseminate the Economic thought and to give training to trainees on Economics and social sciences, elaborating and providing needed tools to perform this task and furthermore to promote the Prof. Manlio Resta scientific approach and his works like handwrites, document, mail and books.

In order to follow its goals, as listed above, the Foundation can implement, as optional activities in cooperation with universities, research center and Public and Private Institutions: 

  • training courses,
  • research and studies also international,
  • open to public workshop and conferences,
  • cultural exchanges between foreigner researchers and citizens,
  • edit publication,
  • give economic award to researchers.

The abovementioned activities with no profit [...]."

Prof. Manlio Resta in 1950 at the University of Trieste

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